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Scientific and Popular Works

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I have dozens of publications in peer-reviewed scientific journals such as Canadian Field-Naturalist and the Canadian Journal of Botany, and in popular media such as The Island Magazine and RED: The Island Storybook.  I've also created educational brochures, books and maps (and even one comic book!) for non-governmental organizations.  You can contact me for a full listing, but some examples are given here.

One question I get a lot: is there a book in my future?  Very likely, I just haven't decided exactly what or when!

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Scientific Publication Examples

MacQuarrie, Kate and C. Lacroix. 2003.  The upland hardwood component of Prince Edward Island's remant Acadian forest: determinations of depth of edge and patterns of exotic plant invasion.  Can. J. Bot. 81: 1113-1128

MacQuarrie, Kate and H. Schaefer.  2001. New plant records for Prince Edward Island.  Canadian Field-Naturalist 115(3): 446-450

Catto, Norm, K. MacQuarrie and M. Hermann,  2002.  Geomorphic response to Late Holocene climate variation and anthropogenic pressure, northeastern Prince Edward Island, Canada.  Quaternary International 87 (2002): 101-117.

MacQuarrie, Kate, H. Schaefer and K. Schoenrank.  1999.  A floral inventory of the Western Area, Greenwich, Prince Edward Island National Park.  Technical reports in ecosystem science, Report 021, ISSN 1200-3298. 


Popular Publication Examples

MacQuarrie, Kate.  2022.  The Edible Isle.  The Island Magazine 90: 9-15.

MacQuarrie, Kate. 2022.  Wild Island.  RED: The Island Storybook 30: 12.

MacQuarrie, Kate. 2001.  A River Ran Through it.  The Island Magazine 49: 16-25


MacQuarrie Ian and K. MacQuarrie. 2000.  Digging Ditches.  The Island Magazine 47: 36-40

MacQuarrie, Kate and I. MacQuarrie.  1999.  Soaring in inspired anticipation: pollen producers of Prince Edward Island.  The Island Magazine 45:32-37


MacQuarrie, Kate. 1995.  Life at the Edge: Sand Dunes of Prince Edward Island.  Island Nature Trust publication.

MacQuarrie, Kate.  1994.  The Tryon Woollen Mills.  The Island Magazine 36:9-12

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