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Welcome to PEI - Untamed!

Plant identification, foraging, wildlife tracks & sign, and natural history interpretation in Prince Edward Island, Canada with biologist Kate MacQuarrie

About Kate MacQuarrie, MSc.

I'm a professional, award-winning biologist and naturalist in Prince Edward Island, Canada.  For more than 30 years, I've been eating wild foods, tracking wild animals, and interpreting the story this land tells about itself.  If you want to learn these skills - or just enjoy the stories that come with them - join the thousands of people who follow me here, on Facebook, and at my in-person workshops and talks.  You can also find tons of free content in my blog.  Check it out!

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Published Work

Scientific and Popular Writing


Educating through writing

While I enjoy leading in-person workshops and lectures,  writing lets me reach so many more people.  In addition to the hundreds of short articles on this site and my Facebook page, I have a lengthy list of published articles in both scientific and popular media.

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My scientific publications include works in the Canadian Field-Naturalist, Canadian Journal of Botany, Quaternary International, and Parks Canada's Technical Reports in Ecosystem Science.  Topics include new plant records for PEI, forest ecology, sand dune ecology and geomorphology, botanical inventories, and ecosystem management.

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My popular writing includes natural history articles in The Island Magazine, a regular column in RED: The Island Storybook, educational booklets and brochures for non-government organizations,  and short pieces for local newsletters and my Facebook page.  Topics include plant identification, ecology, foraging, wildlife tracks and sign, and PEI natural history.

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